Classic Double Entry Accounting and XML syndication feeds
Wednesday, April 28, 2004
Why some blog features may benefit CDEA.

Blogs tend to be transactional - ie. you create, publish and have to let it be. Much like accounting transactions. Which you have to void by creating a identical transaction with opposite sign.

Chart of accounts tends to be hierarchical. Many weblogs are using OPML to organize xml-feeds.

Weblogs have flags for unread posts. It could be convenient for manager to mark read transactions.
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This is a private research looking at the possibility on using weblog technology, for instance OPML and syndication feeds (RRS and ATOM), to display and distribute accounting information. Muy view on Classic Double Entry Accounting (CDEA) is based on Luca Pacioli (Venezia 1494) and Object Managment Group (OMG) General Ledger standard (Tokyo 1999). In the latter this blogs author was one of the projects founders and project manager.

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