Classic Double Entry Accounting and XML syndication feeds
Wednesday, April 28, 2004
Welcome to this unpretentious small personal research blog!

I'm going to tell you my experiences in these days to see how accounting, RSS and OPML can be used as part of distribution and UI for accounting.

The whole started with the eminent article of Aaron Skonnard . Fall 2000 my son Inge and I did some experimenting with accounting and OPML. I used some days digging into my data and yesterday night I luckily found it. I've made it accessible here.
This demo use the XSLT approach of OPML.
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This is a private research looking at the possibility on using weblog technology, for instance OPML and syndication feeds (RRS and ATOM), to display and distribute accounting information. Muy view on Classic Double Entry Accounting (CDEA) is based on Luca Pacioli (Venezia 1494) and Object Managment Group (OMG) General Ledger standard (Tokyo 1999). In the latter this blogs author was one of the projects founders and project manager.

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